Hamilton Outfitters offers Drop Camps for your rifle or archery elk and deer hunts.

These camps include the following: wall tents – cots – chairs – all cookware/dishes – firewood – heater – etc. Everything you will need to make your stay comfortable (see below for a detailed list of amenities provided). We use horses / mules to pack our hunters and their provisions to and from their camp. A wrangler will be provided to pack out your harvested animal and will take it to the local meat processing plant if you choose to do so.

These drop camps are set up for four (4) hunters per camp, however we can accommodate additional hunters if requested.

Hunters provide their own personal items and food. Below is a list of suggested personal items to bring to help make this a hunting trip that will make memories for a lifetime…

Our drop camps are popular with our hunters. we have repeat hunters book drop camps each year and they have been very successful in their harvest of game from year to year. Our hunters have made favorable comments about our camps, equipment and livestock and have offered to provide references for us. If you are interested in talking with them, we will be happy to put you in touch.


Units 66A – 76 | September

Hamilton Outfitters offers 2 drop camp per week for the month Of September in Unit 66A and 76. Seven-day hunt for $2,000 per hunter with a minimum of 4 hunters. For each additional hunter, the group receives a reduction in price. Each individual has an opportunity to purchase a deer elk combo drop camp hunt for an additional $500.


Units 66A – 76 | October 15th-21st

Our open bull hunt in Unit 66 is from October 15 thru October 21. Drop Camps require a minimum of 4 hunters and will stay in wall tents. Please see below for information as to what is provided in a Drop Camp. Drop Camps received a reduction in price with 5 or more hunters.


  • Lantern/Mantels/White Gas/Lighter
  • Supplies to do dishes: Soap/Towels/Dish Rag/Etc
  • Food/Seasonings/Oil/Foil/Paper towels/Etc
  • First Aid Kit/Sun Shower/Toilet paper
  • Paper plates or bowls (if desired)



  • One 14X20 wall tent
  • Four cots
  • Four folding chairs
  • One small table
  • One 2 burner gas stove for cooking
  • One 5 gal L.P. gas
  • One single burner grill
  • One frying pan/One set of cooking pans
  • Six plates/bowls/cups/knives/forks/spoons
  • One spatula/big spoon/can opener
  • Three buckets (1 for carrying water, and 2 for dish washing)
  • Two 33 gal heavy duty garbage bags
  • One 10×12 tarp with ropes to cover kitchen area
  • Latrine tent/Port a potty
  • One shovel
  • One axe
  • Un-split fire wood